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About Company

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ICT Bridge is the first IT technology-assisted social venture that was established to create jobs for young unemployed people based on G-Valley

Our prime business is IT-related industries, running SM/SI business and solution production and sales. At the same time,
we cover businesses across many areas, including telecommunications, manufacturing, public and finance.

We started our business in 2017 with long experience and expertise in related businesses, and we continue to grow rapidly with the aim of creating the best quality and customer value.
Based on the S/W capabilities, the company has been trying to expand our business area into IOT, cloud computing, big data analysis, communication/mobile technology,
and AI application in response to the rapid transformation of industrial environment

The ICT Bridge will always be a company that strives to deliver the best value to its customers through change and innovation.

Thank you very much


Our Mission

Social contribution using digital tech

A fast-changing world, new technologies are emerging, but it's not easy for all to use IT technology the same way.
Information is getting more important for competitions in everywhere and the lack of IT technology and information is creating a gap among social classes
In order to alleviate the difficulties of those who are alienated from information and tech due to economic and physical problems, we will listen carefully and try to resolve them.

Stick to the right way

We will work in a transparent manner according to principles and standards, provide opportunities for all employees in a fair manner, and develop our ability to compete fairly and to grow.

Creating jobs

We will expand the number of jobs that connect young generations and seniors through research and actual offering jobs.